About Me

Beverly M Reynolds, MBA, RN

Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach

Certified Parenting Coach

Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Crystal Practitioner


Building Connected Communities

International Association of Reiki Professionals

My Passion

I've been involved in healing and expansion for over 40 years in one form or another. Learning and becoming more than I was yesterday is a life long journey for me. You see, I am passionate about helping people connect to their soul, to that inner voice, that is so often ignored or stuffed so deep, we no longer hear it.  I believe this connection to ourselves is fundamental in living a life on Purpose and it's a legacy we must pass on to the next generation.  Our children (regardless if we birthed them or not) are begging, no screaming, for us adults to help them find connection.  We must first do the inner work and then help them by role-modeling how one lives when they are connected to their inner selves.

Ideal Client - Does this sound like you?

I most desire to work with women who just simply want more out of life, are in transition, and/or are mothers who want to strengthen relationships with their children/family.